Stop relying on the Big Boys!

Coventry Society News


It might be a long-held ambition to build the City Centre South scheme on land currently occupied by Bull Yard, Shelton Square, the City Arcade and Hertford Street but judging by the lack of interest among multi-national companies (highlighted in last Thursday’s weekly paper), isn’t it time to come up with a better plan? Businesses that have traded there for years need a secure future and surely a new face for these perfectly adequate buildings could and should continue to benefit traders and shoppers alike. The scale is right. Car parking on top of the shops is still a revolutionary concept that’s stood the test of time. Rent can be maintained at a sensible level.

New builds inevitably attract exorbitant sums. More than thirty traders have suffered the insecurity of tenure for years. How fair is that? Just look how the area has been allowed to run-down. We need a…

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